DSLR Microphones for Recording

Are you planning to buy a microphone for your new DSLR camera?

First off, know this that most of the DSLR video cameras come equipped with a microphone that gives a decent quality of sound, although it does depend on what model you bought. The sound is quite bearable and much better than the mics with smart devices, and it is really not that noticeable to the world outside, if your main goal is simply making a few YouTube videos and the like.

But if you desire to up your game and your audio quality, there are a plethora of good mics for recording available in the stores around you. Most DSLR owners tend to go towards shotgun mics which sit on the top of your camera. For professional needs like recording interviews, reviews, broadcasting and instructing lessons, Lavalier or ‘lav mics’ is the popular option. Journalists typically prefer the handheld mics for a rugged, on-the-go feel. And headsets are popular amongst videographers.

But what microphone you choose, in the end, completely depends on your recording needs.